Listen to the Ocean

I'm very thankful to the universe for giving me the chance to live by the ocean. Every day I see this incredible, strong, and charismatic body of water, and everyday it's different; calm or stormy, grey or turquoise, warm or cold. But, living by the the ocean doesn't mean that my boys and I go to say hi to the it and soak our feet into the water every day. We mostly do in the summer. In winter it's a different story; just wind, some people jogging around, and surfers of course, if waves are good enough. 


Last week, in the middle of December, after I picked the boys up from the school, we decided to walk at the beach and watch the sunset there. I had my camera with me and only 20 minutes to shoot them playing together in the sand as the sun was going down so fast. I just said: "Please enjoy yourselves, do whatever you want to do, and I'll be around with the camera!”


I had a few seashells, so I had them listen to the sound of the ocean from the shell as I photographed them. I remember being a little girl and listening to that sound in my seashell myself, imagining it's summer and I'm at the beach. Time has passed and I don't need to imagine anymore that it's summer and I'm at the beach. It's always sunny and warm in California, even in December!