Proposal at the Hotel Del Coronado

How would you feel if your regular business trip turns into a surprising engagement proposal? That’s what happened for Anna!


Her friends drove all the way from Los Angeles and even Scottsdale in Arizona to San Diego with beautiful handcrafted signs made with love and patience at late nights after work during the week before the special day to help Marc propose to her. The signs had meaningful phrases. They were placed at the beach with framed photos of Marc and Anna’s memories, lanterns, champagne, fire pit, and delicious s’mores in front of the historical magical Hotel Del Coronado.


The details were very well planned and surprised the beautiful Anna, who was impressed by her love and long-term friend, now her fiancé, Marc. The friends who came out to help Marc jumped out of the bushes unexpectedly and surprised Anna. The gloomy winter evening in Coronado Island became warm because of positive energy, laughs, hugs, and well wishes for this energetic, wonderful couple.


I felt so thankful and blessed to witness these magical moments and capture it. I hope you enjoy it too and feel the Happy Vibes!


Baby Niko


The first shoot of 2016 after the winter holidays was very pleasant and delightful. A family shoot with the 3-month-old Baby Niko. Probably whenever kids are involved in a photo shoots, it becomes more fun.


We went with this wonderful, young family to Malibu during the Golden Hour -- one of my favorite times of the day. The sun was shining, the air was fresh and crisp, and the ocean smelt so incredible. If you know about the Adamson’s House, which was the first house in Malibu built in 1929, then you probably know that it’s just a few feet from the beach and Malibu Pier. It has tours guides until 3 pm and after it’s ideal for a shoot since it’s not crowded. The house is beautiful, has a character, and enjoys such a Californian scenario; surfers, palm trees, and the pier next to it. We shot there for a while and then quickly walked to the Pier and shot more photos as the sun was setting. Niko was happy to play with his mom and dad and to be surrounded by their unconditional love, and I was happy to capture their sweet, intimate moments together.

Listen to the Ocean

I'm very thankful to the universe for giving me the chance to live by the ocean. Every day I see this incredible, strong, and charismatic body of water, and everyday it's different; calm or stormy, grey or turquoise, warm or cold. But, living by the the ocean doesn't mean that my boys and I go to say hi to the it and soak our feet into the water every day. We mostly do in the summer. In winter it's a different story; just wind, some people jogging around, and surfers of course, if waves are good enough. 


Last week, in the middle of December, after I picked the boys up from the school, we decided to walk at the beach and watch the sunset there. I had my camera with me and only 20 minutes to shoot them playing together in the sand as the sun was going down so fast. I just said: "Please enjoy yourselves, do whatever you want to do, and I'll be around with the camera!”


I had a few seashells, so I had them listen to the sound of the ocean from the shell as I photographed them. I remember being a little girl and listening to that sound in my seashell myself, imagining it's summer and I'm at the beach. Time has passed and I don't need to imagine anymore that it's summer and I'm at the beach. It's always sunny and warm in California, even in December!

Winter in LA

This is the first post in our blog, and it opens with a love story of a young, sincere, cute, and charming couple. It was a lovely Sunday in early December. What I don’t like about winters, however — not only the cold, but most important for photographers and perhaps for everyone else too — is shorter days and not enough time to shoot outside with available light. Even in California it’s getting dark so fast. So, our love story came out as “love story in the evening,” which may have worked to our advantage, capturing the magic hour and the beautiful city lights. We met with Sogol and Hamid in Westwood Village and walked around and shot photos — I love that area with the cute french style cafes, UCLA campuses, Hammer Museum, two historic movie theaters, and many more. I hope you enjoy too!